My visual art is primarily figurative or portraiture, but occasionally objects of daily life. I work in a number of mediums including acrylic paint, watercolour, pen and ink, and etching. I find the exploration and combination of different materials allows me to choose the best medium to suit the subject matter and mood of the art. Experimentation also allows me to continually stretch my abilities and grow as an artist.  
My background in design has influenced my love for connecting imagery to a message or story. My compositions are crafted with great care and I strive to accurately render structure and anatomy. In contrast, my technique tends to be painterly, layered with expressive strokes, textures and doodles. At times the act of creating takes over, becoming spontaneous. 
I find creative inspiration in the people I encounter in everyday life; common people who project an inner strength when facing life’s toughest challenges or reflect the inner beauty of experiencing life’s simplest joys. 
My recent work is focused on emotions; the human feelings that we all experience and can relate to. When I draw or paint someone, I aspire to provide a glimpse of their character, their story, their humanity. I feel imagery like this can touch people, allowing them to see the beauty in all aspects of life. Perhaps encouraging the viewer to create their own personal interpretation of my art or reflect on their own experiences. 

“Art is not what you see but what you make others see.” 
– Edgar Degas
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