Dinosaur Provincial Park Visitor Centre
This was a project that included graphic design, exhibit design and the creation of interactive exhibits.
Graphic panel
Graphic panel
Touchable geology elements
Guess the "Geomorphology Terminology"
Ecological web puzzle
Habitat gallery
Geology gallery
Alberta sports Hall of Fame - Winter Gallery
This was a complete design project including graphic panels a mural and exhibit design.
Display case
Discovery drawer
Display case
Discovery drawer
Luge, bobsled and skeleton display
Gallery view
Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park Visitor Centre
This exhibit design project was created through First Nations consultations to ensure all the information was accurate, and respectful to the Blackfoot Nation. 
Exhibit gallery
Outdoor signage interprets the surrounding landscape
Discovery drawer
Exhibit node
Cypress Hills Inter-Provincial Park Visitor Centre
This interpretive design project includes graphic panels, exhibit design and a mural depicting the Cypress Hills landscape that surrounds the entire exhibit gallery.
Archaeological peel display
Human history display
Guess the skull interactive
Custom mural
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