People Pipeline for the Energy Futures Portfolio
Medium: Etching and Aquatint on Kozuke rice paper, Chine Colé on Stonehenge paper 
Edition of 25
Size: 13" x 38"
Date: 2022-23
This etching is an imaginary cross-section of the earth's underground rock layers, showing how depleted oil and gas infrastructure and geological formations are being used to support new energy advancements. Linked human figures depict a pipeline of CO2 being sequestered (CCS) deep into the earth, while another chain of figures symbolically gathers Geothermal Energy from the earth's sub-terrestrial strata, bringing it up to the surface. The “People Pipeline” is a metaphor of humanity working together, hand in hand, to make positive changes for the future. 

Print(ed) Word Artist's Book
Medium: Etching with Aquatint or watercolour, Series of 10 each
Size: 6” x 6" (4 of 9 prints shown)
Date: 2017
Medium: Coloured Pencil 
Size: 8” x 12"​​​​​​​
This Old House
Medium: Pen and Ink 
Size: 13” x 11"
Medium: Coloured Pencil 
Size: 8” x 12"
Medium: Pen and Ink 
Size: 11" x 14"
Date: 2016
Medium: Etching with Aquatint 
Size: 9” x 11"
Merry Christmas
Medium: Etching with Aquatint
Size: 6” x 8.5"

Hug Hello
Medium: Coloured Chalk and pencil 
Size: 8” x 12"
"Tower of Song", Portrait of Leonard Cohen
Medium: Pen and ink
Size: 10” x 13"
Date: 2016
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